Area I - Vehicular Application

In recent days, intelligent vehicle is one of the challenging applications in the computational intelligence society. Applications such as active safety system, active cruise control, lane departure warning system and automatic parking system are widely researched in various universities and motor companies. Autonomous vehicle system puts all of these techniques. We have research system about autonomous vehicle and participated in Hyundai Autonomous vehicle competition. Our system can be applied to steering control, emergency brake and line trace.

11:06 2017-07-04

Laser Scanner based Recognition System

The major probelm in autonomous vehicles is how to use the sensor measurement and recognize the surrounding environment. To the end, several types of sensors can be considered and a laser scanner is certainly one of the most popular sensors. The laser scanner returns the contour of the surrounding environment as a set of data points. We developed simultaneous tracking and classification method for road objects using a multi-layer laser scanner. Our system detects the pedestrians and vehicles using the laser scanner and tracks them.

- Moving Object Detection and Tracking using Scala LiDAR -

Data Fusion, Tracking and Collision Awareness

Nowadays, active safety systems for the prevention of a collision of the vehicle are getting attention in automobile industry. We developed the fusion system of camera and radar for situation awareness. By using these information, we designed the system which figure out the collision probability of host vehicle using statistical inference methods such as parametric filters (e.g. Kalman filter) or nonparametric techniques(e.g. Monte Carlo simulation).


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